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Total Logistics Services 

Strategically creating a waste streaming logistics program that is efficient, compliant, secure, and adds to your bottom line is a challenge. That is where ShurGreen Farms lends a helping hand, bringing value with their “been there, done that” expertise. We have created and managed successful programs for many companies like yours.


There are recycling waste companies that have trucks and trucking companies that haul recyclable waste. ShurGreen is both, with the expertise to help you better understand complex waste stream management. It is also safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective to go with a total source provider like ShurGreen. Our truck fleet is wholly owned by the company.

We use the latest technology, including on-site placed containers equipped with telemetrics cameras with load-sensing technology that notify us when a pick-up is needed. No need for you to monitor and contact ShurGreen for a pick-up; we have that covered.


We are headquartered in West Central Ohio with access to hundreds of cities, home to countless manufacturing and industrial centers.

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