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ShurGreen Delivers Value Through Innovation and Processes For Customers

The organic recycling business is continually evolving and ShurGreen leads the way by finding new ways to more efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively do business for our customers and the environment.  

Rotary Drum Dryer System 

Baker-Rullman direct heat rotary drum dryer machines have been chosen for their rugged build, ultimate reliability, and excellent ROI. Their direct heat rotary drum dryer machines rely on contact between the material and process gas to dehydrate a very broad variety of materials. The unique triple-pass dryer design is recognized for its efficiency and ability to produce a consistent product output over extended operational periods.


Baker Rullman Rotary Dryer #1.jpg
Feed Load Out Bins

Custom-engineered, designed, and installed feed dual silo Feed Load Out Bins. Each silo holds 300 tons of feed. Currently, ShurGreen produces 50,000 tons of finished feed annually with projections to triple that production in 2024 & 2025. This repurposed food manufacturing waste into monogastric animal feed is the perfect example of the innovative nature of Shurgreen.

Wash Open Top Tote Cleaning System

Susa wash open tote cleaning system allows product segmentation in a leak-resistant, stable, and 100% washable container that helps to ensure pathogen reduction and uniform application of antimicrobials through a fully-automated cleaning process.


ShurGreen Tote Washer Nov 2022 #2.jpg
ShurGreen Expands Operation  
  1. Plant #2 will be constructed near the primary processing facility on a section of 350 acres in Ansonia, OH

  2. Plant #3 will house a second Thor depackaging machine, storage, and other equipment as they come online.

  3. Plant #2 will also house the biosecurity truck-washing system.

ShurGeeen Plant #3 Construction Nov 2022 #1.jpg
Thor T42 Turbo Separator

ShurGreen offers certified product destruction that protects customers’ brands while limiting liability in the marketplace. This includes any non-hazardous or organic liquids, solids, and packaging. Part of ShurGreen’s process includes the separation and destruction of not only the organic products but also the packaging.


Scott Turbo Separator #2.jpg
Biosecurity Truck Wash System

Hydro-Chem Systems manufactures automated truck fleet wash equipment and fleet cleaning detergents. They customized a wash system to best fit ShurGreen and our customer's needs. Their holistic fleet washing solutions range from simple to complex.


Truck Wash .jpg
Onix Solid Fuel Combustion System

The ONIX Corporation manufactures industrial solid fuel combustion burners rated at 120 million Btu/hr. These cyclonic burners offer a renewable energy alternative with clean emissions that rival natural gas burner emissions. The combustion of solid fuel yields way to a world of low-cost, environmentally-sound, renewable, carbon-neutral fuels. 


Onix .jpg
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