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Rick Kremer of ShurGreen Opening Remarks.jpg

The Kremer family has been successful farmers and entrepreneurs in Midwest Ohio since 1852. ShurGreen Farms is a multi-generation company run by a father/son(s) team. Adam Kremer serves as the Chief Operating Officer directly overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company. He is a Business/Finance graduate from Miami University (Oxford).  Justin Kremer graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science. Neal Kremer manages all aspects of livestock operations. Rick Kremer has a background in electrical and steam engineering and spent 35 years in power generation. Rick brings 30+ years of business, renewable energy expertise, and just plain horse sense to the industrial waste stream market. He understands the value to the business, his family, and our communities of recycling 100% organically.

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