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ShurGreen Organic ByProducts Processing


  • Unloading, sorting, and separating for processing

  • Certified product destruction and de-packaging of pet and human pre-consumer food

  • Thor 42 de-packaging system for pre-consumer food waste streams 

  • Baker-Rullman Rotary Dryer converting wet byproducts into poultry and swine feed

  • Rotary dryer feed load out bins

  • Open tote cleaning system allows product segmentation in a leak-resistant, stable, and 100% washable container

> ShurGreen capabilities, click to enlarge the video
> PreConsumer Human and Pet Food Plus Packaging/Product Separator 
> Open Top Tote Cleaning System 
> Thor T42 Turbo Packaging/Product Separator System
> Rotary Drum Dryer System 
> Rotary Dryer Feed Load Out Bins  
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