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Holistic Processes

ShurGreen delivers the complete package from product pickup to complete processing to the final market application of your byproduct.

Benefits Include:

  • Quick turn-around of trucks and trailers to your facility

  • We create a waste streaming logistics program for you that is efficient, compliant, and secure

  • Total source provider of recycling services with a wholly-owned fleet of trucks

  • Advanced technology such as ​on-site containers with telemetric cameras and load sensors

  • App remote management and control in many of our operations such as liquid waste recycled for crop nutrition 

  • On-site totes marked as inedible for efficient and safe storage that is washed and sanitized prior to each delivery

Organic Rendering Process Flow Chart

Product Pick Up 


Truck.Tote Icon .png
Transportation Including
> Dedicated staged trailers
> Remote trailer monitoring  
> Complete trailer loading system 
> Access to rail bulk shipment 
Tanker Truck.jpg
Tote System 
> Dedicated to your facility
> Use with dry and wet ingredients
> FSMA labeled 
> Sanitized and returned  
Extracted Product the Thor Depackaging and Separator System.jpg
Trailer Seal Applied: Chain of Custody Established  


Arrival at ShurGreen


Fokrlift Icon .png
Trailer Scaled Onsite with Certified Truck Scale
ShurGreen Farms Truck Scale #1.jpg
Sample Taken and Analyzed
Seal Verified and Broken:
Trailer Contents Unloaded 
ShurGreen Truck Loading Fork Lift #3-2.jpg
Trailer Contents Separated
ShurGreen Depackaging #1-2.jpg
ShurGreen Farms Packaging .png
ShurGreen Farms Liquids .png
ShurGreen Farms Solids .png
Repurposing of Organic 


Sorting Arrow Icon .png
Sorting of Material Into the Proper Category 
​> Depackaging
> Wet or dry
> Cardboard
> Plastic 
ShurGreen Farms Depackaging .jpg
Scott's Thor Separator Machine 
> ​Material depackaging
> Product screened
> Magnet 
> Can process multiple configurations 
ShurGreen Product Loading.jpg
Material Drying 
> 250 to 400 degrees 
> Minimum 30 minutes
> Time and temperature variables
> Retest, screen, and cool
Final ​Product


Transport icon .png
Repurposed Materials are Packed and Shipped to Final Destination 
ShurGreen Green Swine .png
Animal Feed
Crop Nutrition 
ShurGreen Farms Crop Nutrition .png
Renewable Energy
ShurGreen Farms Renewable Energy .png
Certified Product Destruction 
Package Destruction Icon.png

ShurGreen offers a bio-secure facility, with 24-hour camera surveillance. We have a rodent control program in place with third-party monitoring. ShurGreen can handle all of your waste needs, including sludges, liquid oils, and canned goods. We maintain $5,000,000 in liability insurance and will list Your Company as an Additional Named Insured.

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