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ShurGreen Installs Scott Equipment's Flagship T42 Turbo Separator

ShurGreen offers certified product destruction that protects customers’ brands while limiting liability in the marketplace. This includes any non-hazardous or organic liquids, solids, and packaging. Part of ShurGreen’s process includes the separation and destruction of not only the organic products but also the packaging.

Scott's Equipment's T42 is the flagship of de-packaging systems for pre-consumer food waste streams.

> Scott's T42 Turbo de-packaging system  <
The T42 is the flagship of de-packaging systems for pre-consumer food waste streams
T42 is the flagship of de-packaging systems for pre-consumer food waste streams. It has the ability to process from 10-30 tons per hour depending on the products. The horizontal shaft has 56 flat paddles that work together to split, separate, and convey.
The organics are collected and either conveyed or pumped to their holding location. The inorganics are also collected and conveyed to a roll-off container or compactor.
The system can process and separate
  • Cased products you hold in two hands/up to 5-gallon pails
  • Pallets of wet or dry cased goods
  • Large plastic kraft paper bags of pet food, salt, bakery
  • All forms of packaging (except glass…smashes it to smithereens)
Why choose a T42?
For those sites that are processing mostly pre-consumer food waste and some restaurant and grocery waste. The 42” [1067mm] processing diameter allows you to process large, 55 gallons [208L] plastic bags, double-walled boxes, and more
Systems come standard with:
  • 75 HP TEFC motor 3ph
  • Stand; front/rear work platforms
  • Spare parts kit- paddles/screens
About Thor
The THOR is Scott Equipment Company’s top-of-the-line pre-processing, de-packaging, and separation system for source-separated organics. Built from a 1" [25mm] thick 316 stainless steel shell and system weight of over 45,000 LBS-nothing compares...nothing.
Intended market segments and uses
  • Institutional (schools and hospitals) – mixed cafeteria and kitchen organics
  • Commercial (grocery, restaurants – back of the store, spoilage, all packaging types, cased – residential organics collection
  • Industrial (food manufacturing/distributor) – 5-gallon pails, large cased goods, large canned foods
Benefits include
  • 12-20 tons per hour of mixed waste
    20-30 ton per hour mixed waste cans/bottles
  • 99% clean organics
  • 99% clean packaging
About Scott Equipment
Scott Equipment Company has been manufacturing industrial process equipment for over 50 years.  Nestled in the rolling hills of Minnesota just south of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Scott Equipment has shipped more than 10,000 pieces of capital equipment to over 65 countries worldwide.  Some Fortune 50 industrial companies depend on our systems to perform 24-7-365 in critical operations.
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