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ShurGreen partners with the Susa to customize & install a Wash Open Top Bin Cleaning System

A critical part of ShurGreen’s holistic recycling process is the on-site totes program. These durable totes allow segmentation of product in a leak-resistant, stable, and 100% washable containers that helps to ensure pathogen reduction and uniform application of antimicrobials through a fully-automated cleansing process. This entire circular process is applied prior to every delivery.

Primary Benefits Include

  • Totes are coded and dedicated to your facility

  • Can be used for dry and wet ingredients

  • All are ISMA labeled to ensure compliance

  • All are regularly sanitized and returned back to the process

About Dunnage Wash Systems
Dunnage Wash Systems, Inc. was established in 1989 with a vision from a major automotive company. The automotive manufacturers were directing all tier suppliers to incorporate returnable packaging in their operations that would require cleaning after each use. With this vision in mind, Dunnage Wash Systems, Inc. built the first low-cost returnable container cleaning system in the industry. Their product line expanded into a variety of industrial applications including bin, pallet, and container washers.
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