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ShurGreen to Add Biosecurity Truck Fleet Washing System

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

ShurGreen is installing a fleet truck washing biosecurity system that will thoroughly clean the undercarriage, wheels, chassis, tractor, and trailer of the vehicles and then thoroughly apply a sanitizer to the sides and undercarriage of the vehicle.

Viruses such as HPAI and swine fever have the ability to devastate the industry, regardless of whether or not a facility is directly impacted by positive cases.

In a report from the USDA, it was shown that “disease events can impact related industries even if the disease has no direct effect.” This places a soaring demand on implementing superior protection measures. We depend on transportation vehicles and need them to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected against what could be an extremely expensive loss.

Transportation fleets that don’t follow a stringent cleaning process could play a direct role in furthering outbreaks, leading to trade restrictions and loss of income across all facilities. Proper biosecurity systems in place help prevent the spread of disease and shorten the length of time disease is spread.

About Hydro-Chem Systems

At Hydro-Chem Systems, we help private fleet owners, municipalities, schools, farms, manufacturers, and mobile washers across North America clean their vehicles at the lowest cost per wash. We work hard to keep our clients’ maintenance minimal and their cost-per-wash low by manufacturing high-quality, extremely effective fleet & industrial cleaning detergents and equipment.

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